What really Inspires you into greatness?

Could it be that inspiration sparks at different moments of our lives for different reasons? The sky may be the limit and dreams sometimes become true but what makes you limitless is the ideas that makes... Read More

Interchangeable Control of Racism

To ponder the thought whether someone likes you or not is not the concern or question to be asked. The main objective of it all is that it’s beyond just you it’s RACISM! To be around a diverse... Read More

Your Purpose in Life

What do it mean; when someone tell you or you end up figuring out that you have a purpose in life. Whether someone tells you or you discover it overtime is in fact the answer to what lead you up to this... Read More

The Bronze Complex of Supreme Women

What you think is what define who you are? This is what the bronze women know. She know that there is supremacy in power and not just in her belief. The bronze woman do not obtain, demand or acquire power.... Read More

What complexity do you have?

Why is it as black women the disdain of self-worth has lacked the sufficency of true meaning? The lack of self-worth hangs over the head of the heartless and mindless black woman today; masquerade so heavily... Read More

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